Monday, May 21: Here are Cee’s Life Questions for this week.  I found these to be especially tough (except #1 of course)… 🙂

Are you left- or right-handed?

I’m right-handed.  I can’t do anything with my left hand!

What is one thing you love about being an adult?

I love it that I can just head off into the wild blue yonder at a moment’s notice. That’s not just about being an adult though, that’s about having no entanglements, no one to answer to (except my employer).  The only drawback: it can be lonely.

What do I need to unlearn?

Impatience.  Intolerance of other people’s irritating behaviors.

me doing what means success ~ traveling: in Beijing, China, September 2010

What is success for me? 

First, there are everyday successes.  They are all bundled up with travel.  Taking a trip all alone, navigating and figuring out logistics, meeting & laughing with new people along the way, seeing and photographing beautiful and interesting things, basking in moments of pure bliss at an outdoor cafe or outside in nature, and then writing about them in my blog.  All of that gives me great satisfaction and feels like what I imagine success to be! 🙂

The ultimate success for me would be getting my novel published, then writing more novels and getting them published.  And then writing and publishing travel books like one of my travel-writing heroes, Pico Iyer (The Lady and the Monk, Video Night in Kathmandu).  Yes.  That’s success.