Well, I guess I’m off on another tangent! I’m introducing a new blog just for photography….I invite you to join me!! I am enjoying so much trying to improve my photography and participating in the myriad photo challenges created by my fellow bloggers. I want to keep the focus of this blog (nomad in nizwa) on my life in Oman. From now on my goal is to post photo challenges that relate to Oman here. Any photos I take, or any photo challenges I participate in, that don’t relate to Oman, I’ll post on my new blog. I feel my Oman blog is losing its focus, plus I’m taking up too much space with all my uploaded pictures! I hope you’ll follow my new blog for my photography experiments & challenges… 🙂

whatever a moon has always meant

Wednesday, May 2:  This week’s A-Z challenge by Frizztext is the letter R: “introduce one photo of your own archive with a “R” keyword for example RAINY DAY or RIOTS, REVERENDS or RESTAURANTS, ROYAL WEDDINGS or ROUGH, RUSSIAN dolls, RAINBOWS or REVOLVERS etc.”

My entry for this week’s challenge is RED; at Hoan Kiem Lake, or Restored Sword Lake, in Hanoi, Vietnam, this is the Ngoc Son Temple.  Once again the Buddhist temples are rich in color and offerings and energy.  Red is a big color in many Asian countries and usually means longevity.

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