April 27, 2012: Karma of Karma’s When I Feel Like it Blog: April Photo Hunt posted her every-other-month challenge for April:  “For this month’s photo hunt, please photograph at least four (more than four are most welcome) of your favorite things (and I’m not talking about brown paper packages tied up with string!).”

Many of my favorite things are in the USA.  I have some pictures of my favorites from home, but for everything else, I will have to find things here in this foreign land, or in other foreign lands!  🙂

food ~ I love chicken and dumplings!  This plate of delectable chicken and dumplings was photographed in Richmond, Virginia.

yummy chicken & dumplings

drink ~ Oman is known for its fresh fruit juices; my favorites are mango juice & lime mint soda.  My favorite alcoholic drink is always red wine.  This bottle of Chianti was shared at Qurum Resort’s Jade Garden Thursday night Sushi buffet.

I love a smooth red wine... 🙂

flower or plant ~ My favorite flower in the USA, in the garden right outside my front door, is the peony. I love the soft fluffy blossoms and the sweet fragrance of this flower.  Since I can’t find peonies in Oman to photograph, here is another favorite flower of mine, photographed at Geoje-do in South Korea.  I love the look of this flower so much that I bought a fake version to put in my flat here in Oman. If anyone knows the name of this, please leave me a comment so I’ll know for the future!!

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. ~ Gerard De Nerval

color ~ My favorite color is purple.

They turn'd to rest; and, each clasp'd by an arm,
Yielded to the deep twilight's purple charm. ~ George Gordon Noel Byron

animal ~ The first dog I owned in my adult life was a black mutt named Lilly.  In this picture Lilly and I are playing in a field in Idaho, circa 1981.  She got hit by a car in the summer of 1986 in Nag’s Head, North Carolina. 😦

I miss Lilly... 😦

vacation spot ~ I have too many favorite vacation spots to feature here, but since I visited France twice, I’ll share this photo of the ochre-colored village of Roussillon.  Sadly, most of my photos from France are not digitalized because I went there before I had a digital camera!

Roussillon in France

hobby (other than photography or blogging!) ~ My hobbies are photography and blogging, but mostly about travel, which is the thing that inspires my photography and blogging.  Here is me doing what I love best, sitting in a beautiful spot and soaking up the scenery ~ in Cappadocia, Turkey.

me in my favorite place on this earth so far!!

space to relax at home ~ I had a debate about whether it should be my bedroom or my living room in Oman, but I decided that since my bedroom usually leads to sleeping rather than “relaxing,” here is my living room.

my living room, where I read, write and relax...

sport ~ my favorite sport is simply walking, and particularly walking, or hiking, in new scenic places. Here is me at the top of Jebel Akhar in Oman, with Wadi Bani Kharus in the valley below.

my favorite "sport" ~ hiking anywhere scenic and gorgeous... 🙂

BONUS/CHALLENGE: How well do you think you know me? How much have you been reading over the last two years? Take a picture of something you believe to be a favorite of mine! My archives are listed by month over to the right in a drop down menu if you need a little help! 😉

To Karma (aka Karen):  I can see you love flowers and gardening, and especially daffodils, or so it seems.  Since I don’t have any daffodils in my archives or in Oman, here is a dahlia (or at least I think it’s a dahlia!)… directly to you from Varanasi, India.

a flower to you directly from Varanasi, India