Friday, April 27: This week’s A-Z challenge by Frizztext is the letter R: “introduce one photo of your own archive with a “R” keyword for example RAINY DAY or RIOTS, REVERENDS or RESTAURANTS, ROYAL WEDDINGS or ROUGH, RUSSIAN dolls, RAINBOWS or REVOLVERS etc.”

I’m featuring the RUINS I visited this weekend in Al Ayn, Oman.  These 21 tombs are an amazing collection of Bronze Age necropolises, spectacularly set on a narrow ridge top with the dramatic Jebel Misht, “Comb Mountain,” in the background.

the 21 Bronze Age tombs of Al Ayn with the jagged, comb-shaped Jebel Misht behind

This is the third time I have visited these tombs; the most recent time was just last week after Oman had a week of heavy rains.  That time I was unable to walk up the ridge because of a flooded wadi between me and the ridge.  This time the wadi was dry, so we were able to climb up the ridge to observe the ruined tombs up close.

the beehive tombs up close & personal

Ancient ruins.....

"It makes the heart to tremble when you open an undiscovered tomb." ~ Zahi Hawass