Wednesday, April 18:  This week’s song title interpretation by Rois for this week is “High.”  “The title of the song means High in Bulgarian. It is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian songs.” Here are some of the lyrics:

High, high, high!
Stand high!
Above the envy and the insult,
above the petty gossips.
High, high, high!
Stand high, so I can see you!
High, high, high!
Today stand high,
above everything.
High, high, high!
And blue-eyed love.
The stars are stars
because they are high.

Here is my interpretation.  Though there are no stars showing in this picture, there certainly must be some at nighttime!! It is one of my favorite views in Jordan: standing at a lookout point in the Dana Nature Reserve.  This is the largest reserve in Jordan, with landscapes ranging from sandstone cliffs to the below-sea-level Wadi Araba.  The view is breathtaking.  It looks like a fantasy landscape, otherworldly… 🙂

up high at Dana Nature Reserve in Jordan