Friday, April 13: This week’s photo challenge is an unusual one: Two Subjects. This “theme” is more of a composition challenge, where two things are both essential parts of the picture and they each contribute something different to the photo.

I had a hard time with this one, but here are my entries.

I like this picture of the laundry business in Nizwa souq. Usually the Pakistanis that run these kinds of shops are very poor. This shopkeeper rides a bicycle to work. I saw him ride his bike up, open the door and go inside to work.

It’s funny, this picture of the bicycle and the shop reminds me of cute places in Kyoto, Japan and in small villages in France, where old-fashioned bicycles are parked in front of businesses or homes.  Except, the ones in those places seem much more charming than this, which shows hardship to me.

This picture shows a kind of sad-looking boy hanging out with the nuts and grains at the Nizwa souq. Maybe he wishes he were out playing with his friends.  Maybe he has to hang out with his father at the souq.  It’s a mystery why he’s here.

an Omani boy at Nizwa souq