I’m starting to get psyched for my upcoming trip to Greece this summer. Here’s the new blog I’ve created for this upcoming journey. I would love suggestions from my readers about must-do things in Greece!!

greek wanderings

I’m starting to prepare for my vacation this summer to Greece, so I’m reading books, watching movies, searching websites, and reading guidebooks to help me plan my trip and to get inspired.  I would love any comments or suggestions from my readers as to where I should go!

April 11, 2012: Odyssey with the Goddess

I just finished reading Odyssey with the Goddess by Carol P. Christ.

At the end of the book, Carol writes: “I picked up my pen and wrote the phrase: ‘the serpentine path.’

“Those were the words I had been searching for as I sought to name the experience of Zakros!  The serpentine path was the path of my life, a snakelike, meandering path, winding in and out, up and down.  The antithesis of the “straight and narrow.” A path that does not ever “come to a point.” Two steps left, two steps right.  Into…

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