Wednesday, April 4: Well, this week’s song title challenge by Rois was a tough one for me because Oman doesn’t get any snow.  My students and I were studying weather terminology today and when I said aloud that I know Oman doesn’t get snow, they corrected me and said, “Teacher, sometimes it snows in the mountains!”  However, when I asked them if they had ever experienced snow, they all shook their heads and said no, they never had.

Since I have no possibility to photograph snow in Oman, I found pictures of my neighborhood in Oakton, Virginia in February 2010.  I was due to leave for Korea when the Washington area was hit by two huge blizzards, postponing my departure.  All the local airports were closed down.  Here are some pictures of that blizzard.

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

my house buried in snow

our Border Collie Bailey plays frisbee in the snow