Tuesday, April 3:  The Nile.  It holds lovely memories for me, memories that are all wrapped up Egypt: chaos, dusty streets, honking horns, the pyramids, camels, the Sphinx, the felucca, the Grand Cafe, miserable heat, a brief romance with an Egyptian brain surgeon and a pathetic attempt to learn Arabic.

I spent a month in Cairo in July of 2007, and though my first inclination was to immediately get on a plane and return home, it took less than a week for me to fall in love with Egypt.  One of my favorite things was to take a felucca on the Nile at sunset.  These photos were shot in July 2007 on the Nile, the major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world at 4,130 miles.

the Nile at sunset, from my felucca looking at another

the felucca captain on the Nile

the feluccas at the dock

one of my favorite places in Cairo, the Grand Cafe on the Nile. Lisa, me and Shannon.