Thursday, March 22:  I read about Abdul Qader Al Rais‘s exhibition “Emerging Light” in The Week back in December or January, and I filed away in the back of my mind that I’d love to see the exhibit.  I kept thinking about it every time I headed to Muscat but somehow I never made it because of other obligations.

Bait Muzna Gallery in Muscat

Luckily I choose today to finally see it, because when I arrive, I discover the exhibit is due to leave the Bait Muzna Gallery tomorrow, March 23!!  I am so lucky to make it in time, because these beautiful watercolors are stunning! Here is a link to the web page at Bait Muzna about the exhibition: Emerging Light.

inside the Bait Muzna Gallery with the “Emerging Light” exhibit on the top floor.

I am always a sucker for bold bright colors, especially jewel tones: royal blues, purples, scarlet reds, emerald greens.

one of Abdul Qader Al Rais’s watercolors

Abdul Qader Al Rais is a celebrated artist from United Arab Emirates.  His watercolors of Islamic calligraphy and architecture are saturated with color. It is a real treat to see his work in person and soak up their ambiance, as well as the other lovely art in the gallery.

Another in the “Emerging Light” exhibit.

Bait Muzna Gallery is a three-story traditional Omani house, previously owned by a member of the Royal Family. Recently renovated by Sayyida Susan Al Said into a wonderful modern, trendy space for future art and culture, Bait Muzna Gallery celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2010.

another piece in the gallery, which I love

The Gallery exhibits a variety of art, including mixed media painting, sculpture, installation and concept art, film and photography. Bait Muzna Gallery supports and has an appreciation for work by a wide variety of talented Arab artists from around the Gulf, as well as exceptional artists from abroad.

love these cool masks at the gallery

All the art in the gallery is offered for sale.  For PRINTS of the Abdul Qader Al Rais paintings, prices run around 650 OMR, or around $1,700 USD.

another colorful piece at Bait Muzna

The next exhibit at the gallery will be “Symphoniyat Al Huroof,” a calligraphy exhibition opening Tuesday, March 27 at 7 p.m.