Wednesday, March 21:  I realized when Rois posted her song title challenge today, “Butterfly” by Crazy Town, that I don’t have one single picture of a butterfly or anything resembling one.

Then I walked into my bedroom in my Nizwa flat and saw a picture I have on my wall.  Here it is:

a butterfly painting over my bed in my Nizwa flat

I love purples and pinks and I love butterflies, so this is my interpretation of the song by Crazy Town:

I see the sun breaking shining through dark clouds
And a vision of you standing out in a crowd.
Come come my lady
You’re my butterfly

Then quite randomly I walked through my hallway and found this picture, which I had totally forgotten about.

butterflies in my Nizwa flat ~ wish they were real!!

And then, VOILA(!), I remembered a short story I wrote a while back while I was taking creative writing classes at Northern Virginia Community College: tortured butterflies.  I won first prize in a creative writing contest for this story, so I got $100!  It’s the only piece of writing I’ve ever been paid for in my life… 🙂