Tuesday, March 13:  The khanjar is the traditional dagger of Oman, curved and sharpened on both edges.  It’s a symbolic weapon usually worn by men after puberty and is carried in a silver-decorated sheath attached to a silver-filigreed belt.  I have seen the groom in a wedding wearing one; it is part of the formal dress code in the country.  The khanjar also appears on the Omani flag as part of the national emblem of Oman.

the Omani khanjar

I’m sorry this picture isn’t all that interesting, but at least it shows something unusual that originates in Oman for the letter “k.”

  The sheath for the khanjar has a right angle bend and is a symbol of manhood, courage and tradition.  Omani men won’t attend a formal function without it.

Here’s a photo of a shop at Mutrah Souq with a wall full of khanjars (that’s not really the plural in Arabic, but I’ll use it for these purposes!).

a wall of khanjars at a shop at Mutrah Souq in Muscat

Don’t leave home without one… 🙂