Here are this week’s questions from Cee’s Life Photography Blog: Share Your World ~ Week 14.

Who was your favorite teacher – what grade and why?  

With Mrs. Rush, my 12th grade English teacher, I was mesmerized by Hemingway and Fitzgerald, Herman Hesse and Faulkner; in her class, I fell in love with poetry and literature, with writing everything from critical essays to short stories.  With her encouragement and inspiration, I felt all things were possible: maybe I could become a writer!

My 12th grade Psychology teacher was the coolest lady ever, but I cannot remember her name.  She was a belated hippie in the 1970s.  We used to lie on her classroom floor and attempt paranormal activities like calling dead people back to life or trying to make things fly through the air.  We hung out with her after school too, at her house, for countless crazy parties!  Of course that was back in the day when parents weren’t so uptight about inappropriate student-teacher relationships.

My LEAST favorite was my first grade teacher who made me stand with my nose in a circle she drew on the board because of my “bad behavior:” screaming like a maniac after one of my classmates threw up!  Who WOULDN’T scream in that situation?? 🙂

What do you like most about your home? 

In my home in Nizwa, Oman, I like what will one day be my garden room; I love the bright crisp purple colors, the windows inviting the light to stream in, and the fake plants, which are very cool-looking specimens if I do say so myself… 🙂  I also love the tree outside my kitchen window, more like a giant bush, in which a flock of birds alights every morning to serenade me.

my “garden-room-to-be” in Nizwa

In my Oakton, Virginia home, I love my living room, with its lavender velvet armchairs, its apple green damask couch, my large cherry desk and computer surrounded by all my inspirational writing books.  I love the windows at either end of the room and the trees outside and the light that dances through their branches. 

my living room in Oakton, Virginia

If you were forced to change the name of your blog what would you change it to?

“Musings of a Passionate Nomad.” Passionate Nomad is the title of one of my favorite books of all time: a biography about Freya Stark, an Arabist who traveled all over the Arab world between the two World Wars.  She inspired me to come to Arabia.

If a movie was made based on your life, what actor/actress would play you?

I have three, based just on the movies they made and the characters they played.  The first is Italian actress Licia Maglietta who plays Rosalba in the movie Bread & Tulips.  She is a housewife with 2 teenage sons who feels neglected by her family.  When they leave her behind at a bus terminal in Italy during a family vacation, she hitchhikes to Venice, where she slowly begins to make her own life, finding romance with a wistful and poetic waiter.  I related so much to this character that eventually she inspired the life I am living today… 🙂  (Minus the romance, sadly!)

The other is Julianne Moore, especially in the movie The Hours, where she plays a disillusioned housewife who ultimately “chooses life over death.”

The last is Patricia Clarkson especially in the movie Cairo Time, in which a middle-aged woman goes to Cairo to meet her husband.  When he is delayed by his work, she meets an Egyptian man who touches her heart.