Tuesday, March 6:  I’m finally settling into my flat at the Abu Nooh building; it’s truly becoming my home away from home. Here is the wall hanging that greets visitors in my entry hallway. Come along with me for a visit…

Welcome to my Omani abode!

Welcome to my Omani abode!

Come right in through the front door and turn left off the hallway into my bedroom of purples and turquoises. I love how it’s turned out; I found my way to Muscat City Center, where, at the lovely Zara Home, I bought a rather expensive (35 OMR) turquoise & purple paisley duvet cover, lavender sheets and pillowcases.  I also bought a rattan 3-drawer flimsy dresser for additional storage space.

the indian wall hanging in my bedroom

the indian wall hanging in my bedroom

At Home Centre, I found big square throw pillows, a funky purple art-deco lamp, and a modern art painting of two giant butterflies.  At Mutrah Souq, I discovered a turquoise and purple Indian wall hanging that brings out the colors on my duvet cover.  After hanging up all my wall art, I also hung three racks of colorful scarves that add color, texture and an Omani-head-scarf feel to my room.  The armoire and the bed in the room are heavy and dark wood, pretty fancy and antique-looking stuff for such a humble place. I like my new bedroom much better than the bedroom in my old villa.

My mattress is as hard as a brick, but for some reason I’ve grown to like it.  I tend to read and sleep in my room and that’s about it!  Right now I’m reading a great Irish detective novel called In the Woods by Tana French.  Sadly because I read lying down, I fall asleep after just a few pages….

scarf art

scarf art

Of course all my clothes are in my room, and my shoes, and for some reason, all my camping gear, which I’m unlikely to ever use!  I also have a little old-fashioned vanity and a pile of travel books about Greece and Oman on my bedside table.

Now, come with me back through the long hallway and follow me into my wishful-thinking “garden room.”

my newly decked out bedroom

Here is a peak at my wanna-be “garden room.”  Don’t laugh, as my sons did when they came to visit, at my fake plants!! I can’t help it; I like them. 🙂 I probably couldn’t find such cool-looking live plants and actually keep them alive!  I love the purple futon (Adam slept on it when he came to visit) and the big coffee table, both of which I bought myself.  The university furnishes our flats, but only with the most basic and worn out furniture imaginable.  My new furniture adds a crispness to my place.

the wall hanging in my "garden room," from the mutrah souq

the wall hanging in my “garden room,” from the mutrah souq

my wanna-be “garden room” with its fake plants (the one on the left is real)… 🙂

love my funky lamp and my other fake plant!

my cute fake flowering tree

someday i hope this will blossom into a garden room

My living room is larger than the “garden room,” but the furniture is old & worn and the ugliest mustard color you can imagine; I covered the sofa and chairs in Indian sheets. The room houses my desk and computer, where I spend many hours keeping myself entertained by writing my blog… 🙂

my living room ~ the bohemian look

Here is my kitchen.  It’s clean, light, airy and relatively roomy and modern by Omani standards.  Notice there is no air conditioner in the kitchen; for some bizarre reason this is typical of Omani kitchens.

my kitchen

Here is my guest room, where my son Alex slept while he was here.  I still have the same comforter I had in my old villa: king-sized bedding for a double bed!  This is also the room where I hang my laundry and do my ironing.

my guest room (& laundry, ironing and storage room)

This is what the building looks like from the outside ~ nothing special at all.  But inside, it is quite nice, sprawling and comfortable.  The building is in a quiet neighborhood on a road that leads to the back of Nizwa souq.  I’m on the bottom floor.

the fabulous Abu Nooh building

my little back porch

the street view from outside my building

Thanks for coming by to visit.  I really do invite readers of my blog to pay me a visit in Nizwa one day!  I love to have guests!

“When you’re safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you’re having an adventure you wish you were safe at home.”  ~ Thornton Wilder