Friday, February 17: 

Tonight I happen to be watching an Italian movie called The Son’s Room. As I think about what photo to post for this week’s photo challenge, DOWN, a song called “By This River” by Brian Eno plays in the movie.

Here we are
Stuck by this river,
You and I
Underneath a sky that’s ever falling down, down, down
Ever falling down.

When I hear the words “underneath a sky,” “falling down” and “stuck by this river,” a picture I once took comes to mind.  This picture was taken at a Trick Art Exhibit at a museum in Daegu, South Korea.   It’s a picture of my friend Anna, hanging to a sheer cliff face, terrified of falling down.  The picture was actually taken so that what looks like the vertical wall is a horizontal painting on the floor.  Anna is lying on the floor here, pretending to look down, terrified of falling. Down.

ever falling down, down, down... at the Trick Art Museum in Daegu, South Korea

Here’s another picture, taken in Jaisalmer, India, on a “camel safari,” which is basically just a one-hour camel ride through the desert.  Looking down from the camel, we see an elongated shadow of ourselves on our camel.  Sometimes what’s down is more interesting than what’s up.

a long and skinny camel with two girls on top (my friend Jayne & me!)