Monday, February 6:

#1. READY.  These camels are ready to carry their next passengers through the maze of canyons that is Petra.  Their task ahead is a demanding one, as Petra, Jordan is a huge complex of temples and sacrificial altars and treasuries and tombs; visiting Petra takes a lot of leg action and without the camels, horses, and mules that are ubiquitous here, a person must use every bit of energy just to make it to the finish.

Camels ~ READY ~ in Petra, Jordan

#2. READY. My son Alex and his best friend, Elizabeth, dressed as Pebbles and Bam Bam, are ready to go out trick-or-treating for Halloween in ~ 1995.  My son is about 4 years old here.  These were the golden years… 🙂

Pebbles & BamBam (aka Elizabeth and Alex)

#3. READY. Today, I am ready to begin teaching my Level 2 English classes at the Foundation Institute at the University.  Shortly after taking this picture, I go to my first class to find one student has shown up.  Later, we find that we will do a restart next week, insha’allah, after all the Level 1 & 2 students who failed in the fall semester re-sit their final exams tomorrow.  All the schedules will now be reconfigured and students who pass this time around will be reshuffled.  Hmmm… life in the Gulf.

I am READY to go, but it's not meant to be this time around...