Saturday, January 28:

For me, hope is about reaching for the sky, believing that nothing is impossible.  Hope is dreaming big, and sending these dreams, with faith, into a universe with no limits or boundaries.

I took this picture in July 2010 in Cappadocia, Turkey.  At sunrise, forty balloons lifted off and dotted the sky with Technicolor dreams. I was in one of them! This was the first time in my entire life that I traveled alone, and though I was really nervous about going solo, this trip ended up being the most amazing adventure I’d ever had.  This picture symbolizes my hope to be self-confident, to venture forth into the world whether I have anyone else with me or not.  To be a fearless adventurer, always.

hot-air balloons over cappadocia

I wrote a short story once that embodies this theme: The Red Star Sky.  Reach for the stars!!  Hope!  And keep the faith even when everything seems hopeless… 🙂