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Wednesday, January 25:   Yesterday evening I had to drop my car at the GMC dealer in Karsha for the major (100,000km) service.  Since my boys are here visiting and we will be stuck for a day without a car, my friend Christian offers to take us to Muscat for the day.

Adam and Alex smoke shisha at Cafe Ziyara in Muscat

Adam and Alex smoke shisha at Cafe Ziyara in Muscat

We get a bit of a late start but we go directly to Cafe Ziyara, a shisha bar in Medinat Sultan Qaboos with open-air seats outside, as well as an indoor cafe, for lunch and shisha. We order lots of hummus and bread and I order grilled halloum, a white, semi-hard sheep’s (or goat’s) milk cheese, similar to mozzarella, but not bland. Since it’s a beautiful day, we linger after lunch and smoke shisha.

my sons chillin' at Ziyara in Muscat, Oman

my sons chillin’ at Ziyara in Muscat, Oman

The only thing we don’t like about this restaurant is the lack of a toilet within the facility.  Who ever heard of a restaurant without a toilet??!! Every time one of us has to go, we have to go search out a staff member, who escorts us to a totally unrelated building, and opens the toilet with a key!  Wow, this place needs to get with the modern times.

Christian and Adam at Ziyara

Christian and Adam at Ziyara

After a long while, we leave and head to Muscat City Center, where we shop in the Home Centre and the Carrefour.  Later, we head to Al Ghazal Pub at the Intercontinental Hotel, where we have drinks and the best shrimp tempura imaginable.  Later, after going to a quiet party at a house where some U.S. Marines live, we head back to the Intercontinental, where a Canadian band called Generation is playing.

me having a fun time with my boys and Christian

No one asks the boys for their IDs, and thus they’re able to drink a few beers.  It’s really fun for them, especially since they’re too young to visit bars in the U.S.  This is Adam’s first time in a bar.  The music and the crowd are great, and we all dance and dance till the wee hours of the morning.  I’ve never seen my own sons dance before, and I can tell they’re having a fantastic time letting loose.  Though I’m tired and want to leave long before everyone else, Adam and Alex do not want to leave and keep begging to stay until the band goes home for the night.  They are dancing wildly all night on the dance floor, looking like they own the place.  Very entertaining for me to see my boys, all grown up and having the time of their lives.  🙂

Cafe Ziyara, a nice place to while away the afternoon