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Sunday, December 18:   Malcolm was one of the first new teachers I met when I arrived at the University of Nizwa in mid-September.  He’s a British chap with a great sense of humor and a fun-loving nature.  I’m always poking my head into his office, which he shares with James and Steven, to give them grief about one thing or another, and they do the same to me.  I consider these guys some of my dearest friends at the university.

"Mal" and his wife Sandy, a couple of cool Brits

“Mal” and his wife Sandy, a couple of cool Brits

Malcolm is married and his wife Sandy works in Great Britain teaching performing arts.  She just arrived this week to spend Christmas with him.  She’s got the same fun-loving spirit as Malcolm does.  On Sunday, they invited me, along with a few other people, to meet them at the Falaj Daris for a drink to celebrate Malcolm’s birthday.

James, Lazina and Steven at the Falaj Daris

James, Lazina and Steven at the Falaj Daris

Sandy calls Malcolm “Mal;”   I’m a little baffled about this “Mal” business, because he introduced himself as Malcolm when I first met him. It’s so difficult to start calling someone a different name once you’ve been calling them by another name.

me with my Scottish friend James....

me with my Scottish friend James….

We all go to the Falaj Daris to have a few beers and celebrate Mal’s birthday and Sandy’s arrival in Oman.  James and Steven come and we run into Lazina, who bought me a cake for my birthday in October.  She joins us and we have a lovely time shooting the breeze and enjoying each other’s company.

How I love a birthday celebration with great friends… 🙂

Happy birthday, dear Malcolm.  And welcome to Oman, Sandy!!