Sunday, October 23: Tonight I go with Anna, my Dutch-Canadian & Muslim friend, to eat at Peppercorn’s in Nizwa.  This is by far the best restaurant I’ve eaten at in Nizwa.  It’s decorated in clean-cut lines, sleek black tables and ladder-back seats, and kiwi-colored place settings. It’s more along the lines of quality restaurants in Muscat and thus brings Nizwa up a notch in the dining scene in Oman.

the fabulous Nizwa Peppercorn's

the fabulous Nizwa Peppercorn’s

We arrive at 6:30, soon after opening, so we’re the first ones in the restaurant.  We order off the extensive Indian menu and enjoy the ambiance of the place.  I order a delicious fish with some kind of curry sauce, accompanied by garlic naan.  Anna orders a different kind of fish accompanied by colorful and tasty sauces arranged on a shiny black tray.

Anna inside Peppercorns ~ an ultra modern restaurant a step up from the other Nizwa joints

Anna inside Peppercorns ~ an ultra modern restaurant a step up from the other Nizwa joints

This place seems far out-of-place in Nizwa.  It really brings Nizwa into the contemporary fine dining realm. We enjoy our time here, sampling the great Indian cuisine and talking about our experiences.

Anna, my colleague from University of Nizwa ~ in Peppercorn's

Anna, my colleague from University of Nizwa ~ in Peppercorn’s

Anna is Muslim close to me in age.  I like her very much.  She’s mellow and quietly funny but has a bit of a wild streak to her.  Her philosophy is that if she does the crazy things that are in her heart, like driving up rough-terrain mountains in her little jeep, she will encounter like-minded souls with whom she can connect.  I like this philosophy.  I feel the same.  The way that we choose to live our lives determines the kinds of people we attract to ourselves.

yours truly enjoying the wonderful peppercorn's

yours truly enjoying the wonderful peppercorn’s

Since we are in the restaurant for a long while and don’t see many other customers, I’m a little worried about the restaurant’s survival.  We don’t want to let a high-quality restaurant like this fall by the wayside in our little town of Nizwa.  I hope everyone who travels to Nizwa, as well as the full-time residents here, will start dropping in by droves to sample the excellent Indian cuisine and atmosphere at this cool eatery near the Lulu Hypermarket.